Sarah’s story – overdue, long and intense labour – at home, birthed naturally! indira-01indira02 Indira, 8lb 8oz Indi arrived safe and sound on 15th Feb, 11 days overdue. Because she was so late I was offered induction a few times but because that wasn’t part of the plan we refused and chose to wait at home. My waters broke partially at 5am on Friday morning and I was in first stage of labour until Saturday night. After more offers of induction and some monitoring we went home and waited again. Throughout the endless waiting I took a herbal tincture, raspberry leaf tea, clary sage had sessions of acupuncture but Indi was quite comfortable, I’m not sure if any of it really worked but at least it felt like I was doing something! So I reached second stage on Saturday night and I was in good labour at about 10pm our midwife came out to us at home around that time and from her arriving to Indi appearing it took 12 hours. With 2 hours pushing! Indi was 8lb 8oz so she was a little large for me which made things slower. The midwife had to fully break my waters for me and move a cervical lip which was blocking the way. Eventually Indi was bit. At 9.02 Sunday morning. Afterwards our midwife said if I had chosen to go into hospital I would have without doubt had forceps or suction to assist me, this made the decision to have Indi at home even more important. I have to say we had the birth we wanted – we had her at home, not in the pool but the pool helped me with pain relief during stage two contractions so was worth having, I had no conventional pain relief only the water and aromatherapy. I managed to cope with the contractions using the techniques you taught me. Nile was incredible throughout he was so supportive I can’t remember what he did at the time but whatever it was it worked! I remember feeling so comforted by him and he had the confidence to know what to do to help me. Our midwife complemented me on how well I was using the hypnobirthing and I found it worked really well for me and kept me going through a lengthy and intense labour. Thank you for all your help! Xxx indira03   Esme’s story I wanted to try hypnobirthing after hearing a family friend’s story. I wasn’t sure if I quite believed in it or not but was open to trying anything to make the birth go smoothly. I had a very troublesome birth with my first and decided to have an epidural. I deeply regretted having one as for at least two years after I had problems with pain in the point where they placed the needle and still now have some numbing in my hip. From our first session with Clare I felt relaxed. She was great. All the fears we had were put to the back of our minds. By the end of the course I knew my baby would be welcomed into the world in a calm and controlled environment not one of panic. The hypnobirth course made my pregnancy much more enjoyable even with all the complications. After each session I found I slept better and was generally more relaxed and happy. I wanted to have a water birth and was considering having the baby at home. It was discovered I had very low platelets, which means my blood would not clot properly so I decided it would be best and safest to go to the hospital for the birth. When the time came and my waters broke I felt excited about what was to come and was certain all the preparation on the course would make things run smoothly and it did! It was the most amazing experience we had ever had. I was in control; my body was doing what it was made to do. I wouldn’t say the birth was completely painless but bearable. When I felt the pain coming I remembered what we had learnt with Clare and went into my own little zone, blocked everything and everyone out around me. Within five hours our lovely healthy baby boy was born at 9lbs 9oz. He was much larger than our first but I did it and it felt amazing. I was so proud of myself. After the birth I was worried I was going to get postnatal depression again but five months on I’m fine. The baby was a lot more easeful than my first too and I think it is down to the calm environment he was brought into. I highly recommend trying hypnobirthing and Clare makes it all so easy. She is a great teacher and has completely changed my view on giving birth. Thank you so much Clare! Esme   Bonding and calming experience for hypnobirthing couple The best thing about doing hypnobirthing with Clare was how it gave an opportunity for my partner and I to really bond together. We were able to get closer and share the journey together. It was good to do it ‘live’ with Clare. I think we would have struggled to do it just from cd’s but having experienced it we then practiced with the cd’s. Doing the course meant that the birthing experience was calmer leading up to the birth and this must have been good for my baby too. We would definitely recommend hypnobirthing now.

Baby Reuben – 9lbs 11oz!! I have been meaning to email you all week to tell you how the birth of our son went. He was born on the 23rd March at 10.29pm. My contractions started at 6am and woke me up. I texted my midwife at 12 as the pains had continued and she came over to check up on me and seemed happy with how I was breathing through the pains. She said to text her if my contractions became more frequent.
 My partner texted our midwife at 6pm and she came back out at 7 by then we had the pool up and I was in it with only an inch of water! Lucky the pool didn’t take long to fill up and I used the music from your cd’s and breathing techniques to cope with the pains. My partner was an amazing labour partner and supported me through the pains and supply me with honey, water and a cold flannel. The midwife was great at supporting me with my birth plan and understood I wanted to use hypnobirthing. I was getting the urge to push and the endorphins had kicked in by now. He said it was like I was on drugs and I seemed quite ‘out of it’ at times during this stage. I was beginning to feel weak as I hadn’t really eaten anything all day but the honey really helped!
At 10.29pm my son was born! he was weighed and he was a very healthy 9 pounds 11!! couldn’t believe how big he was considering how tidy my bump looked! The midwives weighed him twice because they couldn’t believe it either! I was checked for tears and even though I had 2 they were too small for the need of stitches. I believe this was because I managed to stay calm and felt in control when pushing his head out I could take it slow.
It was only afterwards when my midwife commented that I hadn’t used any pain relief that I realised I had had the perfect birth that I wanted all along. No pain relief, home birth and a water birth!! perfect, and now we have a beautiful son!
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Baby Reuben relaxing with his lovely mum…

Thank you for being part of my birthing journey and showing me how to use hypnobirthing and the power of staying positive to result in the perfect birth for me and our baby.

Body’s Birth – ‘pots and pans heating on the hob’
Well our little chap is now a big 2mth old, very demanding and has found his lungs.
The birth was a success. Had him at home, in a birth pool within 7 hrs, with no drugs, no intervention what so ever.
He was 8 days over my expected due date, I had a stretch and sweep the day before he arrived. Aftewards I experienced period like pains every so often through out the day, but didnt think it was anything as had experienced similar pains weeks before.
Went to bed as normal and awoke at 4am feeling his head push down and my waters broke.
The contractions came very fast immediately  a couple mins apart. I barely had time to get my tenns machine on or set up cd’s and oil burner as I was stuck to the bed having intense powerful surges. I tried to breathe and count through them, realizing I was actually in full blown established labour.
Steve was downstairs rushing around to fill the pool, pots and pans heating water on the hob as the tap had run out of hot water.
I shouted down to ring the midwife as started to feel the bearing down pushing contractions.
The midwife (male) arrived at 7.45am, I was 6cm dilated.
I got in the pool at 8.30am he was born at 11am. The contractions pushed him down and out with me only having to do small pushes to help him along.
He weighed 8lbs 2. And we called him Bodhi Ellis (pronounced Bo dee)
The visualizations and breathing techniques  helped me to focus and cope. Steve said the workshop helped him to stay positive.
Thanks for all your help and information

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